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Unser Mitgefühl

Nachricht von Henri de Castries


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"For the second time this year, Paris was struck by a series of terror attacks that killed at least 129 and very seriously injured many more. We are struggling to find words to express our sorrow, our dread, our anger.

At this point, and to the best of our knowledge, all AXA employees are safe and sound, but we are continuing our efforts to, as we all hope, confirm it definitely. We will of course communicate further if and when we have any relevant information. Unfortunately, too many of us in France have lost or had someone injured - a family member, a friend, a colleague or an acquaintance. In a heinous and despicable act, barbaric terrorists took their lives as they were just enjoying the beginning of the week-end in a concert hall or simply spending the evening with friends. Our thoughts and prayers go to them - the victims of this tragedy, their friends, their families, their loved ones. We wish all of those affected by these horrifying events a healthy and strong healing. We would also like to express our gratitude to the rescue and medical teams who have once again demonstrated an incredible commitment, as well as to the security, military and intelligence forces who are fighting this war on a daily basis to protect us and our way of life.

Paris, New York, Beirut, Madrid, London, Mumbai, Ankara, Sousse, Bangkok..., the sad list of these cowardly, faceless, hateful attacks is already much too long. The one and only way forward is to stand our ground with regards to our values, to our belief in progress, in humanity, in democracy and in our ability to live together, in peace.

Many of AXA employees here in Paris have been receiving heartwarming messages from their colleagues and other professional and personal acquaintances across the globe. We would like to very sincerely thank all of those who have shared their friendship in this way. Your kind words and shared emotions are fundamental and essential to withstand these difficult moments."

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